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GASPAR is the password and authentication manager for users at EPFL.

You will need the EPFL account (username and password) for most of the EPFL web applications which are secured via Tequila or Shibboleth and also to access network services (VPN, WiFi).

Gaspar lets you control your IT access at EPFL :

Any person with a valid accreditation can obtain a GASPAR account.

An extra level, called "Strong Authentication" is required for some critical applications.


Lost password


Gaspar is your EPFL password manager.

Do not reveal your EPFL password to another person.

EPFL will never send you a mail requesting you to reveal your password.


Staff Members:  contact your Gaspar administrator or your IT Manager or DIT's Service Desk.

External people (hôte and hors epfl): contact your Gaspar administrator, the IT Manager of the unit you are accredited in or Service Desk.

Students: contact the Poseidon support.